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How to Make Bialetti Moka Espresso

caffe vita

The beans matter! Use an espresso roast.

I lived in Italy for two months during a summer in college.  We had this no-frills apartment in Florence with an internet cafe downstairs and a gaggle of vespas parked outside.  At night the motor bikes would zoom down the slim streets, the sound of their motors reverberating off building facades.  It was pure magic because after all, I was in Italy and I was 20.

The apartment came stocked with a modest kitchen set-up, complete with a Bialetti Moka Express espresso pot.  I tried to figure it out a few times, but then decided I would just buy “un caffe” at the coffee spot down the block.  Besides, it gave my roommate and I the opportunity to interact (flirt) with the locals.

Stateside, I’ve fallen in love with the Moka Express and vow to share its blessings with the world.

Foodie note:  The Bialetti is a harsher brew than a tipical American drip pot.  You’ll taste the more intense notes of the roast, so buy an “espresso” style bean or ask your barista what they recommend.  My personal favorite is Caffe Vita’s Del Sol or Lavazza Classico.

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bialetti #2

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Coffee, preferably freshly ground



Your desired coffee fixin’s (milk, cream, sugar)

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brew 4


brew 2

brew 5


1) Grind coffee.

2) Unscrew spouted piece from base.  Rinse all three pieces (base, spout/handled top and strainer) with water, do not wash with soap.  Fill base with water to bottom of gasket on side.

3) Place strainer into base.  Fill strainer with ground coffee.  No need to tightly pack grinds, just fill to the top and level off.

4) Screw on spouted top.  Place onto stove, turn burner to medium high.  Brew time will depend on the size of your Bialetti, but the #2 takes about 5 minutes.  Your coffee is finished once it makes a gurgling sound.  Careful, the metal will be very hot!  Pour into a cup and enjoy immediately to your desired taste.  I like mine black.

caffe vita

The beans matter! Use an espresso roast or Lavazza Classico.