Mineral Water: The Benefits

Mineral Water: The Benefits

FBSolution Mineral Water PostEuropean women have been enjoying (and swearing by) the benefits of mineral water for years.  Mineral water first illuminated my radar when I read The French Beauty Solution, by Mathilde Thomas, where Thomas touts the beautifying properties of this hydrating (and calorie free) liquid. Last year, I spent about six months in Italy, where I drank a copious amount of mineral water and noticed a stark difference in my skin and hair.  Not to sound weird, but my nails were growing at record speed! I had to trim them each week and my hair and skin glowed and shone in a way I had never seen.  I was a quick convert to the magic of minerals and immediately searched for it upon returning to Seattle.


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I had a near meltdown in a grocery store chain when I was faced with the realization they didn’t have mineral water (and the sunflower butter was $9 a jar)!  Although some waters are labeled as Mineral Water, they don’t have actual mineral content on their ingredient labels, which makes me wary about spending money on them.

The only brand I’ve found in the Seattle area is a German product called Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, found at Trader Joe’s.   Gerolsteiner-Sparkling-Intern-Glass-NR-033-FlTheir website is pretty interesting if you’re looking to go down the mineral water rabbit hole. And Trader Joe’s has the best price, $1.49/liter.  I’m currently buying it by the case. Here’s to the benefits of mineral water!

Happy hydrating, foodies!