FWALess grapefruit spritzer!

Grapefruit Spritzer

FWALess grapefruit spritzer!

Truth: I hate throwing away food.  It feels so wasteful when I know there are creative ways to use those random knobs of cheese or bits of fruit.  I was making Grapefruit Salad with Chile, Lime and Coconut and found myself rich in scraps.  I had a full bowl of grapefruit rind that begged for a home.  I picked the sexiest pieces and bagged them up for our trip to a friends bbq.  Eddie assured me I was wasting my time and that no one would be interested in these leftovers, but as all good boyfriends do, he let me do my thing.

An hour later we were lounging on our friends patio.  I quietly made my new concoction of grapefruit, rose’ and club soda over ice. We kept chatting until a friend asked what I was drinking.  I replied and before I could say, “foodie with a life!” all were imbibing the FWALess cocktail.

Later that night Eddie and I were headed home, “I was wrong, your cocktail was a total hit!”  Ahhhh, now it tasted even better.

Serves 4


4  large strips of grapefruit rind, preferably with some fruit attached

1 bottle rose’ or dry white wine

12oz can club soda, my favorite has lime essence




1) Fill 4 wine glasses half way full with ice.  Pour wine to cover ice, add a splash of club soda.

2) Twist grapefruit rind over liquid and add to cocktail.  Enjoy with friends