Prosciutto Truffled Oysters

Prosciutto Truffled Oysters

proscuitto truffled oysters

Every year, my foodie friend, Amanda Daninger, organizes an unofficial Oyster Fest at San Buenaventura State Park in Ventura, CA.  This year I was lucky enough to be in town and partake in the festivities!  She’s chosen this location because it’s home to The Jolly Oyster, a fresh-from-the-sea oyster food truck.  Decide how many oysters and what variety to purchase, add a house made mignonette for $1 and begin your picnic at one of the wooden tables with a strategically placed BBQ. 

oyster 7

Side note: Why is Seattle not behind this movement!?  Hello great idea!

Like I was saying, fifteen or so of us gathered to share in the  potluck style Saturday lunch of oysters, various mignonettes, dips and other treats.

oyster 2

Someone brought a mini smoker, put it on the BBQ and made a smoked oyster dip table-side.  Needless to say, it was amazing!  Amanda brought fixin’s to top grilled oysters.  We dined al fresco, drank Cava and finished the meal with an unbelievable almond cake.

I’m passing the “recipe” for prosciutto and truffle grilled oysters… but let’s be honest, start with fresh oysters and top them with anything you think sounds good.  That’s the real recipe!

proscuitto truffle oysters

Serves 2:


1/2 a dozen oysters, freshly shucked and still in the shell

3 slices prosciutto, sliced in half width-wise

2 tablespoons truffle butter



1)  Heat BBQ to medium high heat.

2) Shuck oysters, but keep them in the deep portion of the shell

3) Place oysters shell side down on the grill, add a dollop of truffle butter and a piece of proscuitto

4) Grill 3-5 minutes, or until the oyster becomes slightly white, cool briefly and enjoy!