Out Of The Kitchen: Purse Rescue

Out Of The Kitchen: Purse Rescue

Good morning foodies!  Today I bring you a leather solution that isn’t foodie related, but it is “…with a life” relevant.

A few weeks ago Eddie and I went to a Clippers game at the Staples Center which was an absolute blast!

staples center: foodie with alife

Did you know they have a DJ the entire time?  Genius!


(Here’s a little Blake Griffin love for all you fans out there ;))

We went to dinner prior to the game around LA LIVE and I accidentally set my light grey purse (from Italy)  in some greasy substance.  I thought it was ruined until I spoke with a friend who grew up on a ranch.  He recommended Saddle Soap.

For all you ranchers out there, this may have been an obvious solution, but as a city girl, this was not on my radar.  This morning I set to work cleaning my purse and within minutes it was new again!  I didn’t think to take pictures until halfway through the cleaning process, but after the purse success I was inspired.  I cleaned ALL my shoes and bags!


Here are a few before/after pictures of a well loved pair of shoes.  Moral of  the story: get your hands on Saddle Soap and prepare to be amazed!


jessica-simpson, nordstrom, how-to-clean-leather jessica-simpson, nordstrom, how-to-clean-leather




how-to-clean-leather, are-my-shoes-ruined

after 2

Notes: Don’t use Saddle Soap on suede and make sure you rinse the cloth your using when switching items if they are different colors.  You don’t want the colors to transfer.

Happy cleaning, foodies! 

Need Saddle Soap ASAP?   Click on the picture below to link to it on Amazon.

save-your-leather, leather-cleaner