Cheese Recommendations: Roncal and Le Chatelain Brie

Cheese Recommendations: Roncal and Le Chatelain Brie

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Last week Eddie and I drove from Seattle to Los Angeles, and in preparation, found ourselves at the Whole Foods cheese counter with a bag full of apples and a single question:  “What is a good road trip cheese?”

The answer: Roncal, a firm, raw sheep’s milk cheese made in Spain.  It has a full barnyard flavor, with grassy notes and an edible rind that left a spicy heat on the tongue.  It would be fine out of refrigeration for 2 days, but I’d be at a hotel by nightfall.  I envisioned snacking on crisp Washington apples as we drove into the sunset down the 101, just a knob of good cheese and the crash of nearby waves.  Lucky for Eddie and I, this dream was not too far from the truth!


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When we got into LA late Thursday night, we did two things: unload the car and find a nearby grocery store.  A lap through their cheese department (wasn’t I just here?!?), and I was face to face with a wedge of Le Chatelain Brie.  A cheese professor of sorts had recommended I try it, so into the basket it went.  Le Chatelain is known in the States for their Camembert, which is creamy, smooth, indulgent and so funky.  The Brie also has a bit of funk on it, but the flavor is more milk than stank, mellow, with a pleasant bloomy exterior.  Le Chatelain Brie was absolutely fabulous and both cheeses went surprising well together.


Sunday morning I sat on the patio with an espresso, a few slices of ripe juicy pear and my two cheeses of the moment.   Life was good.

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