Mocktial Bar

Mocktial Bar

DIY Mocktail Bar

Sometimes it’s the middle of the day and I open the fridge looking for something refreshing.  Maybe I’m in the mood for a treat… maybe just a drink… but I need something.  A glass of wine could do the trick – it sound rather lovely, but oh ya, it’s the middle of the day on a Wednesday.  Maybe not – this isn’t Italy.

For this very reason, I always keep sparkling water on hand.   It’s a canvas for creativity, but if effervescence isn’t your thing, just use good quality spring water (sans gas).

Foodie Note:  This no-frills mocktail bar is beautiful to look at, fun to create and totally ‘foodie’.  I list four options, but the combinations are truly endless.  Use any seasonal produce that’s ripe and sounds delicious.  I love setting out the ingredients alongside mismatched glasses and inviting people to customize their drink.   It’s fun and interactive (plus a great ice breaker!)

Lemon Thyme Refresher

Lemon Thyme

1 lemon wedge + 2 sprigs thyme: lightly tamp herbs with a muddler, squeeze lemon, add ice and sparkling water; garnish with lemon slice.

plum orange mocktail

Plum Orange

1 blood orange wedge + 1 plum slice: squeeze orange into glass, add plum and lightly muddle.  Add ice, sparkling water and garnish with orange slice.


Fig Rosemary

1/2 fig + 1 sprig rosemary: lightly muddle herb into fig in glass.  Add ice and chilled sparkling water, garnish with fig wedge.

lime tarragon mocktail

Lime Tarragon

1 lime wedge + 2 sprigs tarragon: lightly tamp herbs at bottom of glass, squeeze lime wedge.  Add ice + club soda and garnish with lime.

You don’t need an event to whip up one of the beautiful beverages, Wednesday afternoon is as good a time as any!  Happy sipping!