Treat Yo' Self Tuesday: Cocktail Chillers

Treat Yo’ Self Tuesday: Cocktail Chillers


What’s the first thing you think of when the sun comes out?

SPF.  Just kidding… Cocktails!  Cooling icy beverages don’t have to be emphasized by liquor, although mine usually are.  A refreshing sip of something sweet, tangy and light can only be accessorized by true simplicity: Ice.  Isn’t it time to buy something you genuinely don’t need but absolutely want?!  It is Tuesday after all… Here’s a snap shot (and links) to may favorite icy finds.

Stone Cold Tray


Moustache Ice Cubes


Ice Eggs


Shot Glass Ice Cube


Jeweled Diamond Style Ice Trays


Now here’s a delicious cocktail recipe for a Grapefruit Margarita… get your sip on Foodie!

marg 3