Gluten-Free Crackers: Taste this!

Gluten-Free Crackers: Taste this!

I’m not “Gluten-Free” as a dietary classification, but there is a stigma surrounding ‘gluten-free’ that reads: cardboard crumbles baked into sawdust loaf, and it doesn’t have to be this way.  Oats, almond meal and quinoa are all in the gluten-free club, so even if your not steering clear of wheat, you can enjoy a variety of grains.  Many of the wheat-free crackers I’ve tasted have rice as the main ingredient, which I don’t love as an everyday cracker.  I like something a little heartier, but that’s me.  Here’s three brands of crackers that made the gluten-free cut.

Crunchmaster: Multi-Seed Crackers – These were my least favorite because it utilizes rice as a base, which makes them airy, crunchy and a little tough.  The flavor was good with essence of salt, onion and herb.  Try them with a dip or hummus, not so much in a cheese and crackers spread.

Jovan’s Savory Artisan Crackers – SUPER hearty, a marriage between a chip and a cracker.  Just eating them made me want to go on a hike.  These are a flavor explosion, a little bitter but oddly addictive.  The ingredients are real and whole.  I haven’t tried it, but they might make the most interesting Mediterranean nachos you’ve ever had.

Wellaby’s Crackers – Think Goldfish crackers morphed by Edam cheese, producing an absolutely delicious savory cracker with a buttery homemade texture.  Boom, you’ve got the idea.  These were certainly my favorite and would compliment a savory/sweet cheese assortment or simply eaten as a snack.

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