Not Every Hit Is A Home Run

Not Every Hit Is A Home Run

Do you ever cut a corner, then realize 70% of the way through that you’ve actually made your life 100% more difficult?  I did this Monday night and learned my lesson.

I’ve been wanting to make All Day Baked Beans again and have had dried pintos in the pantry for a month.  The weather is cold and it just felt like a great thing to have around the house this week.  Unfortunately, Eddie had made this German-sauerkraut thing in my dutch oven the other day and it was subsequently dirty and full of food.  I didn’t want to transfer the contents, let alone clean the pot, so I cut a corner and tried something new (read: mistake).  I put all the ingredients into the Crock-pot thinking, “This is potentially a great idea!  I wonder why they didn’t do this in the original recipe!” Feeling quite proud of my innovation, we went to bed with the crock full-o-beans.  Drifting into a deep rem, I dreamed of sending Eddie off to work in the cold winter with a steaming container of homemade baked beans.  He’d leave thinking… “Wow – she is AMAZING!”

When I woke up, my genius had faded and all that was left was burnt, sticky, dried molasses all over the counter.  Oh, not just the counter… the baked beans liquid had bubbled up and over the edge of the pot (probably because my Crock-pot was too small for the recipe and I over filled it).  This meant there was baked-beans au jus burnt to the inside of the metal burner, all over and under the items on my counter and had seeped down between the oven and the cabinet.  The best part?!  The beans weren’t even done… there was still too much liquid in the pot and they’d have to be baked.

“Maybe that’s why it’s called ‘baked’ beans… you really have to bake them,” said Eddie as we stood at the foot of the mess, drinking coffee in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, he did not head off to work with something hot, exemplifying my culinary expertise, except for a cup of coffee.  And I think he made it that morning…

48-hours later, too much time invested and a brown sticky mess at my fingertips, I leave you with this piece of insight:  Not every hit is a home run.  Not every idea is a good one and sometimes you should just follow the recipe (don’t tell anyone I said that.)  It’s inevitable to find yourself in the midst of uncharted territory, especially in the kitchen.  Sometimes you’ll cut your losses, sometimes you’ll stumble upon wizardry.  Either way, take it with a grain of salt and a good laugh.

Good luck out there Foodies.

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