Garlic Pasta Sauce Taste-off

Garlic Pasta Sauce Taste-off

My personal truth is that I rarely buy pasta sauce from a jar.  It’s so easy to make from either a can of chopped tomatoes or the summer sweet cherry variety.  That said, I’m not the norm.  Not everyone shares my cooking passion and I get that.  In fact, I like to think of myself as the cook for just that person.  I’m the Foodie with no time to cook and so are you.

So if we are too busy to cook, but 1) need to feed ourselves, and 2) don’t want to eat garbage, what are the options?  We can buy something from a jar and be conscientious about it’s ingredients.

Pre-made products are not off limits in the Foodie world.  Honestly, it’s mostly Foodies buying little jars of Skillet bacon-jam and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Mustard, both of which are fantastic.  So why do I turn my nose up at tomato sauce?  Not all marinara is created equal and so it’s quite important to read the label in order to filter sauces that have something you wouldn’t use at home (i.e. corn syrup) or a mass amount of salt/sugar.

With all that said, let’s start opening some jars.  I tasted mostly organic “Garlic”- flavored sauces with clean labels.

Narrowing it down.

I was as surprised as anyone that I liked Prego.  It had a very pronounced garlic-parmesan flavor and would work great with Italian sausage or hearty meatballs.  It was a bit sweet.

Rising Moon was my favorite.  Whole fennel seeds hit you first, then the garlic basil layer emerges.  It’s lighter than the Prego and felt more summer fresh.  I’ll certainly buy this sauce when time is of the essence.  It would be wonderful with sweet Italian sausage or cheese tortellini.

Do you know of a great pasta sauce?

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