A Phinney Ridge Gem

Post yoga one night, I reemerged into the world, hungry and relaxed.  As I tuned left and began to walk, I saw a cute sign saying, “Picnic.  Soups from scratch…” That was all I needed to get me in the door.

I was greeted by the captivating smell of cured pork.  It lingered in the air and haunted my reasoning.  “I want pate”  was all I could think.  A little snooping around and a to-go bag of the house made charcuterie plate, I headed for Eddies to share my… Picnic.
The next day, that’s right, the next day, Celina and I went for lunch after Zumba class.  We perused the local goodies, iced-coffees in hand.  She ordered the tuna “nicoise” with sliced baguette and as we had a long chat, spring sunshine poured through the open space.  We both agreed, the food was delicious.  Just right, house made, light but satisfying, without the hassle and formality of a full-on restaurant.  Simple food, simple seating, quiet enough that you can talk with a friend for hours over a chilled glass of Pinot, surrounded by wine and local Foodie treasures.


What I loved about Picnic is their commitment to “Telling The Story”.  There are local and imported products in each basket, but instead of simply displaying something well, they write a little comment about each item.  “This we just simply love!” shelf talkers about wine, beans, pasta, sauces, you name it.  The shopping experience is personalized without someone having to hover over your shoulder.  Casually wander the little shop, you’re likely to stumble upon vendors you know, some you don’t, and a great bottle of well priced wine.

Anson and Jenny Klock are both studied, accomplished and conscientious Foodies.  Both well established in the Washington food community, they began this shop with friends in mind.  When I asked how Jenny found the vendors, how they pick the products, she explained that they worked with their friends initially, vendors in the Seattle area.  From there, it happened organically.  Many companies have found a home at Picnic yet the selection is hand picked by Anson and Jenny.  From what I’ve seen, we can trust their judgement.

picnic time

wednesday – saturday 11-6
sundays noon-5
closed monday-tuesday

contact info

6801 greenwood ave north
seattle washington 98103
info (at) picnicseattle.com

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