Thank You James!

Thank You James!

Foodie With A Life Welcomes James Kirschner

(James and I waiting to meet Amanda Hesser; yes, he really is that tall.)
Bastille, a French restaurant in Ballard has a fantastic back bar.  When the doors first opened, I was trying to find friends who had already discovered the back lair.  “I don’t see you…” I said, trying to spot them.  That’s when I realized, not the restaurant bar, but down a sloping hallway and to the left was an entirely new space.  High ceilings, giant mirrors, old train accessories, the bar hums with libations.  This is where we had our first Rosemary Lemonade.  Upon tasting the sweet and tantalizing concoction, it was decided, “How hard could it be to make this at home?!”

My dear friend James Kirschner actually got in the kitchen and made it happen.  Not only has he been perfecting his recipe, but he made it better!  To him, my hat is off.  And after a few Rosemary Lemonade cocktails, my shoes, coat and earrings may follow.

Bastille has since taken Rosemary Lemonade off their menu, but I have a feeling it will be back.  Until then, we are saving serious cash by making it from scratch, drinking cocktails in the spring sunshine on Saturday afternoons.

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