Guest Post by Celina Santi

I’d like to thank Celina Santi for making an appearance on Foodie With A Life.  Currently in the process of writing a cookbook, I asked a few friends to test recipes and report back.  Celina, being the blogger/creative writer/over achiever that she is, wrote an entire blog post, for which I am so grateful.   Celina has a fabulous fashion blog called  She’s incredibly talented in the closet and on the page.  I highly encourage any woman (or man) to read it.  Fashion, like food, is constantly reinvented, and our thirst for knowledge may never be quenched.

When in my culinary element, ingredients are added, techniques explored.  Taken into the world and thus into another kitchen, recipes become personalized and those words I once wrote, are interpreted.  Celina tested Apricot Chickpea Salad, and to her credit, put a spin on it by using dried beans.  This is what cooking is all about.  Making it your own, finding a customized version to suit your taste.  My hope this that by writing a cooking blog and cookbook, others will be encouraged to prepare dishes that suit them as well.  Foodie With A Life is about balance.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to spend hours a day preparing their next meal because that just isn’t reality.  It’s certainly not mine.  But, we need to get back in the kitchen, if for only a few minutes.  Get that hands-on connection.  Become present and responsible for your nourishment.  Celina and many others are getting their hands dirty and making delicious food for themselves and their loved ones.  With the deepest gratitude and respect, I say, “Keep Cookin’!”