Make It Sparkle

Make It Sparkle

Sparkling Water with Lemon and Sage

Club soda is quite possibly one of my favorite inventions.  No calories, a blank canvas and an instant bevy upgrade.  Most nights after work I’ll come home to a sharp knife and a clean cutting board.  Not in that ‘I need to cut myself to feel something’ kind of way, but in the ‘I’m STAVING AND HHHHHANGRY’ mind set.  Isn’t if funny what kind of monster emerges when one’s blood sugar is low?! (hungry + angry from lack of food = hangry.)  So, it’s Tuesday night, I’m in the kitchen and not yet ready for a cocktail due to an empty stomach.  Instead of munching away mindlessly, I make a yummy little bev.  Club soda, citrus and an herb, of which is probably being added to my meal.  You might need to chop or muddle the herbs a bit to release the essence.

When you’ve had a bite and sat down for some food, get the vodka, gin, tequila (whatever) and let your hair down.

Sparkling lemon-sage vodka, yes please.

This was a fun combination, lemon and sage, but like I said, sparkling water is a blank canvas.  A nice way to get out of the mid-morning or afternoon blahs, for example, is club soda and a splash of fresh orange juice.  It feels like a nice treat, has real ingredients and is customized to your mood.  Feeling a little haggard?  Add slices of fresh cucumber!  Getting sick?  How about grapefruit!    So make it sparkle and have some fun.