Urban Picnic in Parsons Garden

Urban Picnic in Parsons Garden

As a child of the city, I will be the first to admit that camping does not top my list of relaxing (or even totally enjoyable) activities. I don’t like sleeping on the ground and running water is a deal breaker. I think it’s important to just come out and say that, no misconceptions or playing games. It’s not my thing. BUT, hiking I like.
Seattle has been getting lovelier these days as the sun peaks through the clouds and the rain lets up. It seems everyone in the city can’t help but do something outdoors. Need to reorganize your garage? Great time! Open the door and let the sun in! Has that patch of weeds been bothering you in the yard? Get your tools out! (Obviously, given my lack of vocabulary on these matters, I don’t garden or have a garage). It’s sometimes hard to justify leaving this beautiful city once the sun comes out and the flowers are in full bloom. Urban hiking is the answer to your prayers!
 Lace up your walking shoes, pack a rain jacket (just in case) and prepare your post hike meal: a baguette, some cheese, berries, pea pods, cherry tomatoes, and a beverage of choice.   Many Seattle grocery stores have great picnic ready meals, check out your local Metropolitan Market, PCC, Ken’s Market, Ballard Town & Country Market, or Kress IGA.    No frills or preparation, keep it simple. Put dinner in a backpack and set out on your adventure.  After you’ve built a little warmth by hiking up the hills of Queen Anne or Fremont, find a sweet patch of grass to enjoy your dinner like your ancestors, on the ground.  Having a side of fun and spontaneity with your meal can really spice up the week.  Have kids? They’ll love it!  Not only is it a nice way to exercise, but it furthers our connection with community and nature.  The bonus is that afterwards, you can go home and sleep in a cozy bed, not to mention use a bathroom with running water.
My recommendation?  Make your way to Parson’s Garden in Queen Anne.  You might even find yourself as an uninvited guest to a small private wedding or the background to a photo shoot. 
Parson’s Garden is located in the neighborhood of Queen Anne, on

West Highland Drive


7th Avenue West