Spring Love Tonic: Asparagus

How does the introduction of Spring affect our minds and bodies? The sun comes out and magically the winter “blahs” are melted, energy has been turned up a notch and colors burst from sprouting foliage. It’s a welcomed assault on the senses. Nature supports our bodies by providing nutritional boosters from fresh seasonal vegetables and asparagus is a great spring cleaner. In both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, asparagus detoxifies the blood and respiratory system by purifying the lungs, supporting healthy blood flow and lung health. The skin is directly correlated to these systems functioning optimally, thus prolonged consumption promotes hydrated, glowing skin. Asparagus is recommended for those with dry skin due to environmental or internal dryness.  Additionally, Western medicine utilizes asparagus root to prevent kidney stones, detoxify the urinary tract and is believed to have antibiotic properties. Best of all, it can also regulate hormones and acts as a powerful love tonic. The Chinese believe it helps strengthen sexual potency, not to mention opens the heart center by promoting feelings of good will, peace and patients.

The way I see it, I’m all for glowing skin, healthy lungs, happy kidneys and more…. uh, love.