Set the Mood for Your Meal

I like to stress the importance of “Setting the Mood of Your Meal” for two reasons:

1) It’s enormously important to connect with each other, share a meal and live in the moment.  If you put the effort to cook something to share with your family, friends, etc. and they don’t talk to you the entire time, then what’s the point?!  The simple act of taking a deep breath, savoring the flavors that nurture our bodies and minds, and converse with the people that inhabit our lives, is truly one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves.  This connection with each other, over a meal, creates a sense of community, which is proven to lengthen our lives, and for the better!  Slowing down, having a good laugh and enjoying healthy, satisfying food will change your day.  Put the cell phones on silent and don’t bring them to the table.  Turn off the TV and play soothing music.  All these aspects of your dining experience will encourage digestion and a healthy pace of life, especially as life is becoming less and less balanced.

2)  The old saying, “knowledge is power” is certainly true.  The more we know about our food, how it makes us feel (which is entirely personal), and how it was brought to the table, the more we can make educated decisions in our diet.  Food is literally the fuel that powers our day.  It’s not about guilt, calories or what you ‘should’ be eating.  Your body naturally knows how to sustain, we simply need to give it the tools to carry us through the day.  Eating foods that are in-season, aren’t just beneficial for the environment and economy, they taste better than those that are factory produced; the fruits and vegetables produced locally and in-season are more nutritious and take less energy to glow.  Why do bananas taste so amazing in Mexico?  Because they are picked ripe and fresh.  It makes all the difference in the world.

Eat foods that make you feel good, not every food for every body.  Pay attention to how food actually makes you feel and eat accordingly.

With all this said, it’s entirely possible that some meals just don’t turn out right – the flavors are off somehow and the chemistry is a wreck.  The beauty is that it DOESN’T MATTER.  Such is life.  Sometimes you need to compost your efforts and pour a bowl of cereal.