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After I quit my job and started working at the deli/teaching yoga, I was seriously down some cash and needed
Since working at the deli, I’ve had all too many opportunities to rework and reinvent chicken. One of my favorites
If you think you don't like brussel sprouts - think again!  They are one of those foods that we always group
Parsnips have become a great discovery and addition to my rotating melange of roasted veggies.  Once the leaves begin to turn
It's true, one of my favorite cooking ingredients is olive oil.  Not just any olive oil, but green, fruity Extra-Virgin
Cooking chicken at a high temperature with olive oil will make the skin crispy and brown. It's important to rub the seasoning
1) From the fungi family, these pricey fungi tend to look like shriveled up black brains, although in this picture, they look a little
Remember that Truffle salt we discussed?  Well, you'll be thuroughly happy about your purchase once you begin to sprinkle it
Shown with Chimichurry Sauce Salty and light - add garbanzo beans or roasted chicken for a little protein punch.  If
The is a lovely side dish, a great addition to a salad or lunch if you just want something crunchy and
A few words about Valentine's day.  1) You only care or keep score on Valentine's day if you're single.  2) By February 15th
There's a theme with my cooking - healthy, delicious, and quick!  After working a 12-hour day, I need some soul
This is a satisfyingly lovely way to start a Saturday morning.  A little rich, yet light.  Seriously, is there anything more
How this blog (and my current lifestyle) came to be....In 2008, I quit my corporate job, finished a formal 9-month