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It's Spring in Seattle and the weather is changing.  I think.  Being born and raised in this beautiful city, a conversation constant
Per a previous post, I believe raisin bread is a gift from the heavens, thus letting any of it go to
Bean salads are a great way to get fiber and protein without any prep work whatsoever.  They become your grains
Peas are actually from the legume family, packing tons of nutritional protein and fiber while remaining light and naturally sweet. 
I love salads for their accessibility, nutritional value, and the fact that you can basically empty the last bits of
A killer day at the "office" and now I’m back to the kitchen, but on my own terms. It’s odd
In Ayurvedic Medicine (a 5,000 year old medical system in India/Yoga traditions), ginger is one of the most healing herbs.  It
Sunday mornings (or afternoons, depending on my Saturday night activities) usually bring me to the Ballard Farmer's Market.  A happy place. 
This recipe came to me working at the deli, where rotisserie chicken is always on the menu.  Pesto Caprese Chicken is super
My goal for 2011 is to relax a little more and work a little less.  So far, not doing great with
This is one of my favorite foods - broiled salmon.  When I was in India, I didn't really miss eating
This recipe is such a classic, and straight comfort food, if you ask me.  I like to buy the tini-fingerling
I like to stress the importance of "Setting the Mood of Your Meal" for two reasons:1) It's enormously important to connect with
I made this one for my boyfriend, who is open and adventurous with food, but I've fed him more vegetables in
This recipe is so simple, I almost feel guilty taking any type of credit.  It began at the deli, where