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When I was in fourth grade, we had to do a presentation about our family and it’s culture, so I
Update: Use this same process with beans and carrots.  We've since made few new batches, each time playing with the
My boyfriend knows his way around the kitchen and steak sandwiches are (one of) Eddie’s many specialties. So, we went
As a child of the city, I will be the first to admit that camping does not top my list
While in Portland for the weekend, I had an amazing yogurt parfait at this fabulous bakery, Crema. They serve a berry
Thank you to my dear friend Siri!  She's not the most 'comfortable' person in the kitchen and she tried this
  Everyone has their standby drink, a constant go-to when you're in the need for a beverage.  A loyal vodka enthusiast
Cucumbers are a very cooling food, in season from May through July.  I like to think of cucumbers as nature’s
A panini is a lovely ending to a day, warm and satisfying with endless possibilities.  Whenever I make a sandwich
  I absolutely love marinated mushrooms, but the are so pricey when bought at a gourmet shop.  I think these
My mom’s specialty is roasting.  Her recipe for rack of pork is simple: turn the oven up to 475*F, smother
When I was in college, girls in my house would constantly be making tuna... something.  It's cheap and a great
I love frittatas, the Spanish had it all right with this masterpiece. Unfortunately, I manage to make it into scrambled
How does the introduction of Spring affect our minds and bodies? The sun comes out and magically the winter "blahs"
With Spinach and Lemon This is another deli-chicken creation.  I wanted to design something light and fresh for the lunchtime hot