FWAL Gets Schooled

FWAL Gets Schooled

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I’m a little obsessed with this indoor gardening thing.  We have 17 potted plants living along the perimeter of our apartment and they seemingly multiply each weekend.  After my adventure into the world of indoor micro-greens, I went back to Hilary Dahl at Seattle Urban Farm Company to pick her brain about gardening.  My situation hasn’t changed, no outdoor sunny patch of land, but now my mild interest has sparked into a full blown hobby.  I want more!

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I asked Hilary to help me expand my current offerings of indoor vegetation.   Here’s what she had to say.

FWAL: Are there plants that will survive in a bathroom without a window? It always looks so chic on Pintrist, but thus far I’ve almost killed two plants because there’s not sunshine.  

Hilary Dahl: Probably not the best conditions for most plants.  Even the hardiest plants need some light.

FWAL:  Shoot.  What plants are good for apartments with little light?  I have a hallway that’s crying out for green.

HD:  I suggest Dracaena massangeana, Dieffenbachia, Ficus Benjamina, Ficus elastica, Sanserieria, Spathiphyllum, and Philodendron Selloum (unfortunately non of these are edible!) as good “house plants” for indoor growing because you can treat them poorly (small pots, low light, little attention).

FWAL:  That is my kind of gardening!  What are your favorite plants for the windowsill?

HD:  Cilantro, basil, lettuce mix, chives and aloe vera.


FWAL: Is there a good rule of thumb when choosing the size of the pot?

HD: This is a good question.  There are so many variables in terms of selecting a pot for a particular plant, that it is hard to answer succinctly.  In general, the larger the mature size of the plant, the larger the pot needs to be.  Some plants can be constricted in size by using small pots (think bonsai), but for edible plants, it is impossible to restrict their size without reducing or eliminating the output of their harvest.  But for someone with limited space, it is typically best to look for dwarf varieties of plants so you can get by with smaller containers (think Improved Meyer Lemon tree).

FWAL:  Talk to me about urban gardening swag.

HD:  Here are some product we love!

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Hedley & Bennett aprons

These are cool because they are great for the kitchen, but they would be awesome for the garden!