Portland: Coffee, Pizza and Bicycles

Portland: Coffee, Pizza and Bicycles

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Hello foodies, I’ve freshly returned from beautiful Portland, Oregon! I was there attending the Press Pass event, hosted by WordPress.  We arrived in Portland on Friday and drove straight to the Japanese Botanical Gardens for a hike through the park. The plan was to stop somewhere to assemble a foodie picnic for our excursion, but we had a miscommunication.  Eddie thought the market was called Laurelhurst Market, which does exhist but has big meaty sandwiches.  I didn’t want a heavy lunch before hiking so I exnayed his suggestion.  He was puzzled but said ok.  What he meant was Zupan’s Markets, which is a delightful grocery store that I love, so I understand his confusion.  All this said, we ended up parked at the gardens without food, and hungry.  We ate at the hotdog stand which wasn’t as good as a Costco but did the trick.  After a hike and a little indegestion, we checked into our hotel downtown at The Nines.  The Denver Nuggets were staying at our hotel, which I was preeeetttyyyyy excited about and creepily took this photo of them getting on the team bus.



One bonus to driving to Portland was that we could take our bikes on my car.  It’s a bit cliche driving to Portland in a Subaru with bicycles attached to the roof rack, but hey, we leaned in.  After the team sighting and paparazzi photo we cycled to the Pearl District for tax-free retail therapy and a caffine hit.



A peanut butter cookie and cappuccino for Eddie; a doppio espresso for me from Pearl Bakery.  Foodie truth: I wish I could eat cookies all day and still fit into my non-stretchy jeans.  That would be my version of heaven.  We didn’t get to them, but I hear the sandwiches at Pearl Bakery are amazing and I can attest they did look good!  For dinner we dined at Oven and Shaker and enjoyed the kale salad, calamari (amazing!) and spicy salami pie.  All were so tasty and the perfect scene for a Friday night, relatively casual but highly delicious.



Day two I woke up early to attend Press Pass, the actual excuse for our weekend getaway.  I took notes, networked and went to blogging sessions while Eddie worked at a nearby coffee shop.  In the afternoon we met for an iced tea and more city wandering.


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Feeling very hip, we both snagged new succulents for our apartment gardens.



As the evening sky darkened, we biked to NW 23rd Street for a tasting at Bull Run Distilling Company.  We watched the Kentucky/Norte Dame game at Southland Whiskey Kitchen; great cornbread.  Sunday morning we kept it light with a green juice from Greenleaf Juicing Company because we were on a mission, a mission to float!  Eddie read about Float On, a salt soak designed to facilitate relaxation with sensory deprivation.  Although it sounds weird it’s really just floating naked (and alone) in a warm pool for 90 minutes while being totally relaxed, maybe even asleep.  We emerged from our repective rooms so mellow and almost high, in a non-scary kind of way.  Imagine the deepest, longest meditation at the end of a great yoga class.  It was similar to that.  By this time it was 1pm, neither one of us had had coffee (per recommendation by Float On) and were in need of a wholesome meal.  Lunch at The Hazel Room was a breakfast version of salad nicoise with smoked trout, a soft sunny egg and their house made gluten-free bread, which was dense and so unbelievably perfect I tried to snag the recipe (top secret) and a loaf (sold out).



Finally we knew our time had come to hit the road and head back to our life in Seatttle.  Driving down Hawthorn toward the I-5 onramp we spotted a produce stand that begged to be explored.  We both shopped for our fruits and veggies at Krugers Family Farms and vowed to make fresh juices this week.  Fingers crossed.


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