"Crumble and Flake" for a Scone and Coffee

“Crumble and Flake” for a Scone and Coffee

I read about the anticipated opening of Crumble and Flake, Capitol Hill’s newest shoebox sized patisserie, in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine the other month.  I knew nothing about the bakery, but it sounded scrumptious in print.

On a sunny Friday before 8am, chances were good they’d still have a crumble left for purchase.  Do you ever go somewhere by yourself and wish you’d brought a slew of people so you could all order something different and have a taste?  I do, especially this morning.  Usually I enjoy imbibing coffee alone, but today it was about the pastry.  Baked goods are for sharing, even if they’re tiny.  One coffee-with-room and an Apricot Lavender scone, I emerged onto East Olive Way with a warm bit of heaven.

It wasn’t very sweet, but almost savory.  Chewy bits of apricot, laced with lavender,  crunchy edges and a moist interior on the verge of dough.  This is not your grandmothers scone, at least it isn’t my grandmas’.

Next time I’ll bring a friend, entice them with baked goods then nibble from their bag as well as mine.  Maybe I’ll get the Smoked Paprika and Cheddar Croissant… or the Passion Fruit Square… or the Koulgn Amann (pronounced kween a-mon).

Crumble and Flake info:

1500 E Olive Way
Wednesday – Friday
7:00 – 3:00*
Saturday – Sunday
9:00 – 3:00*
Closed Monday and Tuesday
*or until we sell out
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