Cook for the Cure Party

Cook for the Cure Party

“Cook for the Cure gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support the fight against breast cancer.” -A Passionate Plate 


A BIG “Thank You” to Mary and Joy for hosting this event!  The shrimp cocktail appetizer has just the right amount of summer cool!  I will certainly be including this in my repertoire.

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Kitchen Aid and Susan G. Koman have teamed up to promote Cook for the Cure®.  Instead of signing up for a 3-day event (which may be too much of a time commitment), the idea is to host a summer party to support the cure.   It can be big or small.  Give people the opportunity to donate on-line or send one contribution on their behalf with earnings collected from the party.  I attended Joy and Mary’s Cook for the Cure® event last Saturday, in which they provided fun (and delicious) pink eats and drinks. It was a great way to get involved and sip champagne for the common good of women everywhere.  They’ve posted recipes and beautiful pictures on their site (follow the URL above) for your viewing pleasure.

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