Holy Margarita And Slap Shots!

Holy Margarita And Slap Shots!

The Best Margarita You’ve Ever Had

What is it about warm weather that makes me want (need!) a margarita? Maybe it’s a flashback to college days at Arizona State University, maybe it’s the call of tequila in warm weather climates like Mexico. Whatever the reason, it’s tequila season.

Margaritas are usually sweet green bevys known for a killer hangover (and a good time).

What’s the anti-hangover version?  Stick to fresh limes, orange juice, good clear tequila and a splash of club soda. Calcium fortified oj and a dose of vitamin C, it’s almost a health tonic!

Makes 1 cocktail:
1.5-2 shots tequila blanco
1/4 lime
2 shots of club soda

1.5 shots of orange juice

Orange slice (optional)

Salt rim if you like by using the lime to dampen the edge of the glass.  Pour salt in a dish, turn glass upside down, submerge rim to coat. Fill glass with ice, pour tequila, squeeze citrus, throw in lime wedge, add club soda and orange juice. Stir and serve, hello best night of your life!

If you’re making for a group, or if you like to drink a lot, prepare in a pitcher without the ice.  No one likes a watery cocktail.  Serve ice in a large bowl next to the concoction and have chilled glasses on hand.

And since the tequila is out…

Let me introduce you to Slap Shots.

What is a “Slap Shot”?

A firm, but fair, slap across the face just as you swallow a shot.  Think of it as a physical chaser.  Slap Shots are not only a good ice breaker, but a fun group activity among friends.  Do them at your neighborhood watering hole, a quiet dinner with your honey or Saturday night out on the town.  Girls can slap guys, visa versa.  It’s not personal.  That said, remember: Firm but fair.  Don’t dish out something you can’t take.  A good life metaphor, I think.

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