Another Pricey Addiction

Another Pricey Addiction

This has to stop.  Artisan cheese and imported spreads, gourmet mustard and local breads.  My bank account is feeling the burn.

The other night my friends, Celina and James came over for dinner before a show.  We were going to go out, but suggested having them over instead.  I’m writing a cook book and need any opportunity (and honest input) to test recipes.  James is my Foodie bud – he’s all about making things from scratch (cheese straws and pastry baked olives for Superbowl – amazing).  Plus he has great taste when it comes to cheese.  Whenever they come over, I’m gifted with the remnant of some type of pungent, runny, creamy fromage, and I’m not above leftovers (as you know).  This particular evening, they brought a lovely par-baked baguette.  5 minutes in the oven and it’s fresh, warm, delish.  Eddie, of course, fell in love with it.

Three days later, bread and cheese finished, I decided to be an amazing girlfriend (per usual) and pick us up a loaf of the prized baguette C&J had brought over.

$6.49?!?!?!??! Jesus.  After a few contemplative laps around Metropolitan Market, I committed and put it in the basket.  “Eddie isn’t feeling great and it was sooooo good,” I justified.  As I left Met Market with certainly less money than I had arrived, I realized.  Did I just spend almost $7 on baguette?!  What is wrong with me?!  Where is my perspective?  I go crazy about spending $3 for a cup of coffee, and now I’m throwing money around the grocery store like it’s Christmas.  Did I really justify that?!  But the damage was done, and soon the oven would be warm…

Manoucher Bread from Canada, on the shelf at Metropolitan Market.