Fig Jam For Your Soul

Why is it when someone is ‘only’ cooking for themselves, they typically just throw something together?  If you’re making a meal, ESPECIALLY IF IT’S JUST FOR YOU, make it special. 

Here’s a story:  I was working at the deli and this woman came in, a tourist, looking for some nosh items for the hotel room.  We chatted for a bit about Macrina breads, soft brie and good apples.  I showed her a jar of fig spread we sell (that is so delicious!), which I recommended.  She hummed and hawed for a moment, then decided against it, saying her children would never eat it, so it’s a waste to just get it for the two parents.  Granted, money might be tight and the economy isn’t booming like it was a few years ago, but here’s the thing: is it really a waste if you’ll truly enjoy something as simple as fig jam?  If you can’t justify buying it for ‘only’ yourself… HELLO!  Who will you buy it for?  Why are you less special?  Not everyone is this way, certainly, but it’s time we wake up and treat ourselves right.  Starting with fig jam.  I wanted to hug this woman and donate the fig spread to her personal life-cause.  Your children/job/friends/spouse (all of whom you love, I’m sure) will take take take all you have to give.  Life is this way.  Give all your time and you’ll find people to take it from you.  I believe, give to those who are worthy of your time, but give to yourself too. 

So, what is my point?  The days of making a meal half-assed because “what’s the point of cooking for just one person?” are over!  I love just cooking for myself because I can cook whatever I want!  Many times people tend to rush through a meal by themselves or grab something quick, which usually catapults it into the unhealthy and “this is going to make me feel like poop” category.  Why? 

When you cook for yourself, you have the rare opportunity to prepare food that not only tastes amazing to YOU, but makes you feel good too.  Do you need some vegetables?  Cook them.  It doesn’t matter if there isn’t much in the fridge except eggs.  Add a bit of tasty cheese, herbs and sauteed shallot.  Dress up the meal to fit your very personal tastes.  Have a slice of toasted bread with brie and fig jam or a crisp apple with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  It’s probably taken 20 minutes to prepare, but let your meal be a little gift to yourself.  Make some hot tea or a cocktail – cheers to you!  Then, as you sit down, take a breath, involve your senses.  See, smell and taste.  It’s these little pleasures that awaken the taste buds, mini treasures of eating something special.  Turn your phone to silent, look out the window and give yourself a few minutes of uninterrupted peaceful time.  Life is too short to eat shitty food by yourself.  Why not eat amazing food with yourself?