Best Foodie First Date: Pintxo

             If you’re familiar with the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, you may describe it with conflicting opinions: lots of great restaurants, if-y social scene, home for douche bags, great place for visitors, bachelorette party hot spot and plenty of drugged out tweekers.  Granted, my ideal would not be to have all these descriptors in one place, but sometimes you have to be flexible, and walk faster than normal.  About two years ago, I went on a friend-date with my buddy Eric to this lovely place on 2nd / Blanchard called Txori.  We sat out on the tiny patio, protected by old brick walls, strings of white lights, and a slight breeze though the surrounding buildings.  It’s easy to feel a million miles away, suddenly transported to a distant Spanish locale.  This story has a twist – Txori closed and I was heart broken from a lovely evening in a Spanish getaway, thought never to be seen again.  Then, in the same location, it reopened as Pintxo, and against all odds, it is even better than before!  The decor is the same, the patio is still there, but the bites are a little bigger, although still tapas style.  It’s easy to fall in love with this Spanish pub-tapas restaurant.  The staff few, one night my boyfriend and I were the last table on a Tuesday night and the owner sat down with us; we talked about traveling, food and Sangria (which they make fresh and delicious everyday).  The ingredients are quality, heavy on cured meat, well placed produce, and toasts topped with everything from fig to quail eggs. 
If you’ve lucky enough to snag a seat on the patio, don’t waste it.  Commit to ordering a few plates and a cocktail.  The wait staff (specifically Amanda) is well versed on the menu.  Enjoy your time, slow down and savor the intricate bites.  Order a few more plates, another cocktail, before you know it the evening is slipping into night with the help of salty cured ham and good company.  When the bill comes, you may even be pleasantly surprised to find it’s quite reasonable and well worth a second visit.  This is the true test of a restaurant:  Would you go back?  The answer is “Yes” every time.     

2207 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        206 441 4042