Chicken Florentine

Chicken Florentine

With Spinach and Lemon

This is another deli-chicken creation.  I wanted to design something light and fresh for the lunchtime hot bar, something that wouldn’t make people feel like they wanted to crawl under their desks and take a nap after eating.  Enter Chicken Florentine.  Work is hard enough without having to stay awake while you digest a pound of meat and fried potatoes (not that fried potatoes don’t have their place, because seriously, YUM).

I spent a summer during college in Florence and would order this amazing grilled chicken and lemon.  So this recipe came to be as an extension of that meal.  I like to use the left-overs from a rotisserie chicken; reheating the chicken with the lemon makes it super moist as lemon permeates the meat.  A great trick to getting the cold chicken off the bone is to pop it in the oven for a few minutes just to warm it up.

Since the chicken is already seasoned, you probably won’t need to add salt.  To serve cold, simply mix lemon juice, lemon rinds and pepper to chicken, let sit for an hour (minimum).  Add spinach to serve. 


Serves 4:
1 – Rotisserie chicken, pulled and skinned
1 – Large lemon, cut into 1/4th’s
3 cups fresh spinach
A few cracks of pepper
To served hot:
Heat oven to 375*F; in a 9” baking dish add pulled chicken.  Juice lemons (sans seeds) onto chicken, toss in lemon  peels and mix.  Cover with foil; bake until warmed through, 12 minutes (or 140*F).  Uncover, toss with spinach and add pepper.  Serve alongside good bread and soft butter.