15-Minute Pesto Salmon

This is one of my favorite foods – broiled salmon.  When I was in India, I didn’t really miss eating meat (as I was living the life of a vegetarian for 3-weeks.  But I literally had dreams about huge filets of salmon.  You can take the girl out of Seattle…but you can’t take away her seafood I guess.)  If you happen to buy a filet of salmon that isn’t the same thickness end to end, cut it at the point where it starts to curve into the thinner section so you have consistancy when you cook. 

Dinner for two
2 – 5oz filets of salmon (preferably, wild caught and fresh, 1″ thick)
4 tblspoons pesto
2 tblspoons olive oil
salt/pepper to taste

Set your oven to broil, use butter or use non-stick spray to grease a baking dish.   Blot filets with paper towel, then rub 1 tblspoon of olive oil into each piece of fish.  Season with salt/pepper and place in baking dish, then in the oven.  Bake for about 8 minutes, or until the fish begins to get crispy on the edges.  Top with 2 tblspoons of pesto on each filet, return to the oven.  The thinner piece of fish may be ready to come out within a few minutes, but the thicker piece will take about another 7 minutes.  You’ll know it’s done when you gently pierce the flesh and it looks flaky, moist and lighter pink than the raw version you originally started with.  Remove from oven and serve.