Tepenade Tortellini

This recipe is so simple, I almost feel guilty taking any type of credit.  It began at the deli, where we have all types of products (some so delicious I almost put them into peoples shopping baskets myself), and from time to time, they go past ‘pull date’.  For those of you not in the food business, this means they go bad while on the shelf.  An absolute tragedy, if you ask me.  So a few days before we ‘pull’ them, I take these specialty items into the kitchen and get my creative hat on.  We serve a hot lunch bar that consists of 20-ish dishes, some reoccurring, and some new, giving me an opportunity with which to flex my culinary muscles. 

Feed this to your friends at the next get-together and they’ll be jealous they didn’t think of it first (plus you’re a total pro because you made a warm dish from the heart and everyone else brought cold hummus.)

Feeds 5-6 ppl

2 packages fresh tortellini (I like something classic, like a medley of cheeses)
1 8oz container of tempenade (I prefer a variety that is roughly chopped not pureed)
fresh parsley to garnish

Cook tortellini according to package (al dente) in salted water.  Strain and toss with tempenade.  Crack fresh pepper over pasta and garnish with parsley.