Welcome to Cookin’ With Christina!

How this blog (and my current lifestyle) came to be….

In 2008, I quit my corporate job, finished a formal 9-month yoga-teacher-training program and set off on the next chapter of life. I like to call it: Doing What I Love. This was no easy task and didn’t exactly bound into my front door once I decided I wasn’t happy with my then current employment. What was the next move and to where? I love cooking, I live for yoga and traveling is a must. I also bought a little studio years before, which meant real life (a.k.a.: The Bank) would be wanting a check each month for my mortgage. So here’s what I did – I brain stormed about possible jobs, I meditated on finding a job I felt passionately about, I talked to everyone I knew about their jobs and tried to get advise as to my next step. Many moons later, I was ready to flip the page. As I completed the yoga training program, I was offered a 6am time slot to teach twice a week.

Then, I knocked on every grocery store, coffee shop and deli I liked to see if they were hiring. Luckily one was and now I manage the deli/bakery/catering departments at Kress in downtown Seattle. Turns out I got exactly what I asked for – to do something with which I felt passionately, teach yoga and cook delicious food for the masses.

Welcome to my Blog, Cookin’ With Christina; I hope that you’ll discover great cooking ideas and healthy recipes to fuel your life and body.

Stin iyia sas!